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Fires & Flues have been offering stove, fireplace and chimney services since the business was founded way back in 1983. Since that time, we now operate all over Surrey, Sussex and Kent (and even into South London) and the company has grown into one of the most trusted operators in the local area.

Fires & Flues offer a wide range of premium wood burning stoves that have been hand-picked from suppliers with the same quality standards are ours. We offer a choice of fireplaces in a variety of materials — from a selection of brick and stone finishes through to bespoke finishes to a design of your choice.

At the same time, we offer chimney and flue services. These services include flue lining, chimney building and re-pointing, chimney pot and cowls installation, and even independent flue system installation for houses without chimneys.

We’re proud to offer a first-class service — and we have the reviews to back this up. Take a look at our services in more detail below.

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